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Release date1990
DirectorRoger Spottiswoode
GenreAction, Comedy
Box Office$33,461,269 USD


Mario Kassarexecutive producer
John Eskowco-producer
Michael J. Kaganline producer
Daniel Melnickproducer
Allen Shapiroco-producer
Andrew G. Vajnaexecutive producer (as Andrew Vajna)
Jon Jashniassociate producer (uncredited)


Mel GibsonGene Ryack
Robert Downey Jr.Billy Covington
Nancy TravisCorinne Landreaux
Ken JenkinsMajor Donald Lemond
David Marshall GrantRob Diehl
Lane SmithSenator Davenport
Art LaFleurJack Neely (as Art La Fleur)
Ned EisenbergNick Pirelli
Marshall BellQ.V.
David BoweSaunders
Burt KwoukGeneral Lu Soong
Tim ThomersonBabo
Harvey JasonNino
Sinjai PlengpanitMay Ling (as Sinjai Hongthai)
Natta NantatantiGene's Daughter

Synopsis / summary

Billy is a wacko pilot who loses his last straight job as a helicopter traffic reporter by getting into a screaming match with a driver.

He takes a job working for what amounts to a CIA airline in Asia. Billy puts it as, "I'm used to being the weirdest person in the room. Here I don't even make the top ten."

There is an insurgency shooting at them, government soldiers running drugs, a pilot who is supplying arms to the whole region, and those are the straightforward sub plots.

Written by John Vogel


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