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Release date1995
DirectorRenny Harlin
GenreAction, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Romance
Box Office$10,017,322 USD


Mario Kassarexecutive producer
John Baldecchico-producer
Jane Bartelmeassociate producer
James Gormanproducer
Renny Harlinproducer
Laurence Markproducer
Joel B. Michaelsproducer
Lynwood Spinksco-producer


Geena DavisMorgan
Matthew ModineShaw
Frank LangellaDawg
Maury ChaykinJohn Reed
Patrick MalahideAinslee
Stan ShawGlasspoole
Rex LinnMr. Blair
Paul DillonSnelgrave
Christopher MastersonBowen (as Chris Masterson)
Jimmie F. SkaggsScully
Harris YulinBlack Harry
Carl ChaseBishop
Peter GeevesFiddler Pirate
Angus WrightCaptain Trotter
Ken BonesToussant

Synopsis / summary

Morgan Adams' father's dying gifts to her are his pirate ship and a one-third part of a map of a treasure island - unusually inscribed on his scalp.

Thinking herself in need of a Latin scholar to unravel the map, she buys learned slave William Shaw and sets off in search of the rest of the map.

However, it is Shaw, obviously with plans of his own, who gets the second part. He's somewhat easier to deal with, though, than the holder of the last part - Morgan's less-than-loving piratical uncle Dawg.

Written by Jeremy Perkins


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