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Release date1991
DirectorMick Jackson
GenreDrama, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Box Office$28,862,081 USD


Mario Kassarexecutive producer
Steve Martinexecutive producer
Daniel Melnickproducer
Michael I. Rachmilproducer (as Michael Rachmil)


Steve MartinHarris K. Telemacher
Victoria TennantSara McDowel
Richard E. GrantRoland Mackey
Marilu HennerTrudi
Sarah Jessica ParkerSanDeE*
Susan ForristalAriel
Kevin PollakFrank Swan
Sam McMurrayMorris Frost
Patrick StewartMr. Perdue, Maitre D' at L'Idiot
Andrew AmadorBob, News Anchor
Gail GrateGail, News Anchor
Eddie De HarpMaitre D' at Brunch (as Eddie DeHarp)
M.C. ShanRap Waiter at L'Idiot
Frances FisherJune

Synopsis / summary

In this spin on the traditional romantic comedy, Harris K. Tellemacher, a Shakespeare-quoting, Los Angeles TV weatherman is looking for something meaningful for his life.

The Los Angeles Freeway sign informs him that the weather will change his life in two ways, and Harris begins to search for the meaning behind that message.

Written by Allison L. Venezio


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