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Production details

Release date1995
DirectorTab Murphy
GenreAdventure, Western
Box Office$7,400,000 USD


Mario Kassarexecutive producer
Thomas Hedmanassociate producer
Donald Heitzerassociate producer
Hannah Hempsteadsupervising producer
Joel B. Michaelsproducer


Tom BerengerLewis Gates
Barbara HersheyProf. Lillian Diane Sloan
Kurtwood SmithSheriff Deegan
Steve ReevisYellow Wolf
Andrew MillerBriggs
Gregory Scott CumminsSears
Mark Boone JuniorTattoo
Helen CalahasenYellow Wolf's Wife
Eugene BlackbearSpotted Elk
Dawn LavandIndian Girl
Sidel Standing ElkLean Bear
Hunter BodineKid
Graham JarvisPharmacist
Parley BaerMr. Hollis
Sherwood PriceTracker

Synopsis / summary

Modern bounty hunter Lewis Gates is hired to track down three dangerous fugitives who have escaped into the Montana wilderness.

When the fugitives are found murdered, Gates has a mystery on his hands. Accompanied by anthropologist Lillian Sloane,

Gates ventures further into the mountains and discovers an isolated settlement inhabited by a Native American tribe thought to have been wiped out by white settlers a century earlier.

The two gradually begin to gain acceptance within the tribe, but when Gates' vengeful ex father-in-law, Sheriff Deegan, leads a posse into the mountains,

Gates and Sloane must prevent the tribe from being massacred a second time.

Written by Ronos


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