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Release date1992
DirectorPaul Schrader
GenreDrama, Crime
Box Office$1,050,861 USD


Mario Kassarexecutive producer
G. Mac Brownco-producer
Linda Reismanproducer
Ronna B. Wallaceco-executive producer


Willem DafoeJohn LeTour
Susan SarandonAnn
Dana DelanyMarianne Jost
David ClennonRobert
Mary Beth HurtTeresa Aranow
Victor GarberTis Brooke
Jane AdamsRandi Jost
Paul JabaraEddie
Robert CicchiniBill Guidone
Sam RockwellJealous
Rene RiveraManuel
David SpadeTheological Cokehead
Steven PosenHasid
Ken LaddCarlos
Brian JudgeThomas

Synopsis / summary

A drug dealer with upscale clientele is having moral problems going about his daily deliveries. A reformed addict, he has never gotten over the wife that left him, and the couple that use him for deliveries worry about his mental well-being and his effectiveness at his job.

Meanwhile someone is killing women in apparently drug-related incidents.

Written by Ed Sutton


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