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Release date1990
DirectorPeter Hyams
GenreAction, Crime, Thriller
Box Office$10,873,582 USD


Mario Kassarexecutive producer
Mary Eiltsassociate producer
Jerry Offsayco-producer
Andrew G. Vajnaexecutive producer (as Andrew Vajna)
Jonathan A. Zimbertproducer


Gene HackmanCaulfield
Anne ArcherHunnicut
James SikkingNelson (as James B. Sikking)
J.T. WalshMichael Tarlow
M. Emmet WalshSgt. Dominick Benti (as M. Emmett Walsh)
Susan HoganKathryn Weller
Nigel BennettJack Wootton
J.A. PrestonMartin Larner
B.A. 'Smitty' SmithKeller
Codie Lucas WilbeeNicholas
Barbara RussellNicholas' Mother (as Barbara E. Russell)
Antony HollandElderly Man
Doreen RamosElderly Woman
Kevin McNultyJames Dahlbeck
Andrew RhodesNigro

Synopsis / summary

A woman secretly witnesses the murder of her blind date for the evening by a top Mafia boss. She immediately goes into hiding without informing the authorities.

When they finally catch up with her, she is unwilling to testify to what she has seen, but the Mafia are on her trail.

Accompanied by a deputy district attorney, the woman boards a train travelling through a remote part of Canada. The Mafia know him but they have never seen her.

Written by Rob Hartill


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