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Nocturne In Black

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Production details

Release date2017
DirectorJimmy Keyrouz
GenreDrama, Thriller
StatusUnder Preparation


Mario Kassarproducer

Synopsis / summary

Nocturne in Black tells the story of a young man who rebuilds his piano after it is destroyed by Jihadists while showing his community the strength and uplifting power of music in times of hopelessness.

The feature-length version is based on the Award-winning short film Nocturne in Black winner of the Gold Medal in the 2016 Student Academy Awards and the D.G.A. student film awards.

Nocturne in Black was also shortlisted for the 2017 Oscars in the Live Action Shorts category as well as the 2017 BAFTA Awards.

Through the noble and transcendental power of music, the narrative explores matters of survival, resistance, defiance and war, against the backdrop of a conflict-ravaged Middle Eastern neighborhood in the present-day.

Set in present day, in a world where music - among other misdeeds like smoking tobacco, modern dressing, dancing, and profanity - has been banned by Jihadists imposing their strict interpretation of Islamic Sharia law, Karim, a young musician secretly plays the piano.

Despite crushing despair and the grueling, daily struggle for survival, Karim reminds his people that, even in time of war, there are still beautiful things in life - music, chief among them.

After his piano is destroyed by a Jihadist, Karim defies the rules imposed the extremist law and rebuilds his beloved instrument, thus fighting for both the material and intangible elements lost during the conflict: art, music and the cultural markers that make us human.

Nocturne in Black is based on real events and inspired by a young, Syrian man named Ahmed, who, in spite of the threat of persecution, continues to play his piano in the midst of his country’s civil war. Though losing his fingers is the least severe punishment he could face, Aeham believes it is important to provide a glimpse of hope to people who have been abandoned to destruction and despair. In a part of the world ruled by terror, our protagonist Karim, much like Aeham, comes to terms with the role he must play in his community and uses his music as a passport to reach others.

Music is what feelings sound like. Through its power, this film will convey what Karim, Aeham and the millions trapped in the horror of war truly feel. Our message is one of hope; the fight for a future that exists without bullets and where living is more than just surviving.

Production book
Read the entire production book here (pdf, 9.5MB)


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