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Production details

Release date1990
DirectorBob Logan
GenreComedy, Horror
Box Office$1,382,960 USD


Mario Kassarexecutive producer
Jean Higginsco-producer
Steve Wizanproducer


Linda BlairNancy Aglet
Ned BeattyErnest Weller
Leslie NielsenFather Jebedaiah Mayii
Anthony StarkeFather Luke Brophy
Thom SharpBraydon Aglet (as Thom J. Sharp)
Lana SchwabFanny Ray Weller
Benj ThallNed Aglet
Dove DellosFrieda Aglet
Jacquelyn MascheNancy's Mother
Melissa MooreBimbo Student
Willie GarsonNerd Student
Erna GregoryStudent
Richard HalpernStudent
Carol ShermerStudent
Kathy TopiaStudent

Synopsis / summary

It's been some time since Father Jebedaiah Mayii exorcised the devil from little Nancy Aglet, but now Nancy has grown up and has a family, the demon returns and repossesses Nancy.

With Father Mayii unwilling to help, Father Luke Brophy tries his best to help Nancy, even when TV's Ernest Weller plans to air the exorcism live on TV.

Written by Film_FanUk


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