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Production details

Release date2003
DirectorJonathan Mostow
GenreAction, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Box Office$433,371,112 USD


Mario Kassarproducer (as Mario F. Kassar)
Moritz Bormanexecutive producer
Matthias Deyleproducer: IMF
Guy Eastexecutive producer
Oliver Hengstline producer: IMF
Gale Anne Hurdexecutive producer
Hal Liebermanproducer
Joel B. Michaelsproducer
Aslan Naderyexecutive producer: IMF
Volker Schauzexecutive producer: IMF
Nigel Sinclairexecutive producer
Andrew G. Vajnaproducer
Colin Wilsonproducer


Arnold SchwarzeneggerTerminator
Nick StahlJohn Connor
Claire DanesKate Brewster
Kristanna LokenT-X
David AndrewsRobert Brewster
Mark FamigliettiScott Petersen
Earl BoenDr. Peter Silberman
Moira HarrisBetsy
Chopper BernetChief Engineer
Christopher LawfordBrewster's Aide (as Chris Lawford)
Carolyn HennesyRich Woman
Jay AcovoneCop, Westside Street
M.C. GaineyRoadhouse Bouncer
Susan Merson Roadhouse Clubgoer #1
Elizabeth MoreheadRoadhouse Clubgoer #1

Synopsis / summary

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back as a time-traveling T-101 Terminator in this smash hit directed by Jonathan Mostow.

With dazzling effects, bravura thrills and a story the boldly spins into the unexpected, this is an event spectacle to see and see again.

Written by Paul McLaughlin


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