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Production details

Release date1980
DirectorPeter Medak
GenreHorror, Thriller
Box Office$587,000 USD


Mario Kassarexecutive producer
Garth H. Drabinskyproducer
Joel B. Michaelsproducer
Andrew G. Vajnaexecutive producer


George C. ScottJohn Russell
Trish Van DevereClaire Norman
Melvyn DouglasSenator Joe Carmichael
Jean MarshJoanna Russell
John ColicosCaptain DeWitt
Barry MorseDr. Pemberton
Madeleine SherwoodMrs. Norman
Helen BurnsLeah Harmon
Frances HylandMrs.Elizabeth Grey
Ruth SpringfordMinnie Huxley
Eric ChristmasAlbert Harmon
Roberta MaxwellEva Lingstrom
Bernard BehrensProf. Robert Lingstrom
James B. DouglasEugene Carmichael
J. Kenneth CampbellSecurity Guard

Synopsis / summary

It was the perfect family vacation for composer John Russell and his family when a freak automobile accident claims the lives of his wife and daughter.

Consumed by grief, John, at the request of friends, rents an old turn of the century house. Mammoth in size, the house seems all the room that John needs to write music and reflect.

He does not realize that he is not alone in the house. He shares it with the spirit of a murdered child who has homed in on John's despair and uses him to uncover decades of silence and deceit.

With the help of Claire Norman, the one who aided John in procuring the house, they race to find the answers and soon learn that a devious and very powerful man guards them.

Written by Vampire-Sharpshooter


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